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Ideas and solutions don't break through − they get invited in.

Marketing and communications are hyper-personal, and getting people to truly engage means addressing their specific needs and interests.

We work with more than 100 clients in dozens of industries, finding the best ways to connect them with the individuals who need their brand or service most.

At Fahlgren Mortine, our diverse experience has led to a collaborative approach designed to create solutions that entertain, educate and connect with a wide range of audiences. Our work turns skeptics into believers and consumers into loyal customers.

Case Studies


"Don't Fence Me In" Campaign

TravelNevada is a statewide marketing bureau responsible for promoting the state's vast tourism and cultural experiences via innovative marketing programs and campaigns. As the largest industry in Nevada, tourism plays a vital role in the state's economy.

The opportunity

By 2014, markets that had historically generated the most visitors were nearing a saturation point. Strategies were needed to introduce the Silver State to new visitors...especially at a time when the Northern Nevada ski/winter industry was facing low snow/drought and Las Vegas was shifting focus from gaming to entertainment and recreation.

The solution

Along with TravelNevada, Fahlgren Mortine developed a fully integrated fall/winter campaign that shifted the focus of communications to the millennial generation. Featuring a contemporary version of the old cowboy song "Don't Fence Me In," the campaign tapped in to the millennial tendency toward independence and individuality.

A mix of traditional media, completely new digital user experiences and public relations efforts were used to get TravelNevada's story out to a new generation of potential visitors/adventurers.

The results

Since the campaign rolled out, visitation to Nevada continues to climb, increasing by more than 2.5% annually. More than 60% of potential visitors said that the "Don't Fence Me In" message is providing new information that broadens perceptions of Nevada. And consumer engagement with TravelNevada online and through social media is growing stronger every year.