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Ideas and solutions don't break through − they get invited in.

Marketing and communications are hyper-personal, and getting people to truly engage means addressing their specific needs and interests.

We work with more than 100 clients in dozens of industries, finding the best ways to connect them with the individuals who need their brand or service most.

At Fahlgren Mortine, our diverse experience has led to a collaborative approach designed to create solutions that entertain, educate and connect with a wide range of audiences. Our work turns skeptics into believers and consumers into loyal customers.

Case Studies

Fahlgren Mortine with Emerson Network Power

CIO Campaign Case Study

The opportunity

Increasingly, C-level IT executives are becoming heavily involved with determining the business needs for data center infrastructure solutions, as well as providing final purchase approval. Prior to 2013, Emerson Network Power's marketing spend focused on audiences other than those executives.

The solution

We created seven pieces of original content to drive CIO engagement and help them define their business need for change. To kick off the campaign, Emerson surveyed 560 CIOs and IT executives to understand what the CIO of the future looks like. A series of digital ads were created to complement the campaign by driving CIOs to the website where they could learn more and download the content.

In addition, Emerson promoted the content via a global news release series and through regular updates across social media. For the final three months of the campaign, paid LinkedIn participation was added to reach CIOs in a social setting.

The results

Utilizing the campaign, Emerson was able to achieve its objective of driving IT Directors and CIOs and to thought- leadership content on their website to begin engagement. This success included 1,937 page views/downloads of the new content along with a total of 3,159 site visitors confirmed through five months of the campaign. Most importantly, more than 90 percent of traffic was from visitors who were new to the site, demonstrating the campaign effectively connected with a new audience.