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Ideas and solutions don't break through − they get invited in.

Marketing and communications are hyper-personal, and getting people to truly engage means addressing their specific needs and interests.

We work with more than 100 clients in dozens of industries, finding the best ways to connect them with the individuals who need their brand or service most.

At Fahlgren Mortine, our diverse experience has led to a collaborative approach designed to create solutions that entertain, educate and connect with a wide range of audiences. Our work turns skeptics into believers and consumers into loyal customers.

Case Studies

Buckeye Ranch

Fully Integrated Campaign

The Buckeye Ranch is a private, nonprofit organization with a comprehensive array of mental health treatment options for children and their families, servicing more than 1,600 clients every day at seven locations throughout Ohio.

The opportunity

The Buckeye Ranch wanted to raise awareness with core audiences and stakeholders to communicate the breadth, depth and value of the services they offer. Positioning The Buckeye Ranch as a thought leader, as well as promoting fundraising, referrals and social media were also top priorities.

The solution

To accomplish this, we led them through a complete rebrand with a unique foundation that positions The Buckeye Ranch as the only mental health, behavioral and substance abuse network that treats children with a holistic approach and involves families in the healing process.

The Buckeye Ranch mission is to raise hope for kids and their families. This core truth informed the design of a new logo with the tagline "we raise hope" and a fully responsive website, with keyword optimization, that elevates core audiences - parents, foster parents, referring agencies and job seekers - to the main navigation.

The results

The Buckeye Ranch story is now communicated in a more compelling way, helping audiences better understand the organization's mission and provide much needed financial support.

Web metrics reveal that users have responded to the new website design with a 34% increase in page views and a 33% increase in the average time spent viewing content.