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Ideas and solutions don't break through − they get invited in.

Marketing and communications are hyper-personal, and getting people to truly engage means addressing their specific needs and interests.

We work with more than 100 clients in dozens of industries, finding the best ways to connect them with the individuals who need their brand or service most.

At Fahlgren Mortine, our diverse experience has led to a collaborative approach designed to create solutions that entertain, educate and connect with a wide range of audiences. Our work turns skeptics into believers and consumers into loyal customers.

Case Studies

Ansell Virtual Glove

Virtual Glove Experience

The Opportunity

One of Ansell’s latest innovations, ERGOFORM® Design Technology, is designed to reduce muscle strain and fatigue and support musculoskeletal health for workers who perform repetitive tasks for a better, more productive day at work. Ansell wanted a unique, engaging way to educate companies about the benefits of this new ergonomic technology.

The Solution

We created an interactive tool illustrating the effects that prolonged muscle effort over long periods of time has on workers.

Using leap motion technology to track hand movements and turn those movements into fluid real-time 3D interactions, this virtual glove experience educated the user not only about the muscles, tendons and nerves used in everyday situations, but also about the damage those seemingly simple movements could do over time. It also showcased how Ansell’s ERGOFORM technology eased the stress of these everyday movements and helped prevent long-term damage, as well as provided a natural conversation starter about Ansell’s ergonomic designed products.

The Results

The ERGOFORM interactive tool was launched at Ansell’s largest annual trade show. The tool proved a critical factor in increased booth traffic and captured sales leads, along with increased attention from top safety trade media. Ansell held a record number of media interviews during a two-day trade show period, as well as received coverage from top trade media immediately following the show. The virtual glove experience proved to be an incredibly effective tool not only in shedding light on the dangers of repetitive movements but also in promoting Ansell’s new technology and related products.