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Fahlgren Mortine, a nationally recognized, integrated marketing and communications agency, is at the forefront of converging media. From creating campaigns and brand communications, to forging reputations and influencing policy, we help bring clarity to your markets about who you are, what you mean and where you stand.

We're not just careful communicators; we care. About your people. About our people, and the people you need to reach to accomplish your business objectives.

We ensure that our collaborative culture also translates into top quality service for each and every one of our clients. Our culture fosters a commitment to truly understanding our clients' businesses and a willingness to propose big, bold ideas.


Our commitment to thinking wider has resulted in a unique business structure supporting a cross-disciplinary approach to our clients' business. A senior team of seasoned professionals leads three key areas of focus: engagement, planning and creative, which collectively house the talent and expertise necessary to deliver on all of the capabilities listed here.

Connecting with desired audiences is a complex, powerful and ever-evolving process. We can help you configure a sea of options into ideas and solutions that keep your business and your mission moving forward.

Thinking wider has led us to a vast array of capabilities all designed to grow
Investor Relations

These days, investors, both institutional and retail, have more access to information than ever before. Unfortunately more information doesn't always translate into more understanding. That's why getting the right message out to them has never been more important. At Fahlgren Mortine, we have experience with clients of all sizes, and we can deliver your investment story in a multitude of ways. We also know that helping you create effective investor relations starts with an in-depth knowledge of both your business and your audience.

Meet one of our Investor Relations team members:

Carol Merry | Senior Vice President Carol provides strategic communications counsel on investor relations, corporate reputation and crisis management to a variety of public and private company clients and leads Fahlgren Mortine's investor relations and corporate communications practices. She puts a career of marketing, investor relations and corporate communications experience to work to help clients plan communications campaigns that educate and influence stakeholders and deliver positive business results.

Prior to joining Fahlgren Mortine, Carol led corporate communications, investor relations and marketing efforts for a NYSE-listed real estate investment trust (REIT) that owned and managed more than 60,000 apartments. Her experience also includes roles as Director of Marketing, Investor Relations, and Corporate Marketing and Communications.

Carol is a member of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) and its Senior Roundtable. She also serves on NIRI's Editorial Advisory Board and served two terms on NIRI's national Counselors Advisory Board. She is a founding member, past president and current board member of the Central Ohio NIRI chapter, and served as chairman of the Midwest NIRI Conference in 2004.